Vision Mission
The formation of lawyers, academics and scholars in the study of law and jurisprudence is the vision of legal education in the Philippines. The study of the law shall be as much a study of the human person, of the dynamics of social life and the demands of leadership as it shall be a study of constitutional and statutory provisions, of rules and of judicial precedent.  

It is the mission of the Legal Education Board, pursuant to its statutory mandate, to assist all law schools provide the country that kind of legal education that prepares lawyers to be competent legal practitioners deserving of public trust as well as to hone the research skills of legal scholars who will advance understanding in the science of jurisprudence, and enhances the leadership potential of all who attend law school so that they may assume various roles of leadership in society. It is likewise the mission of the Legal Education Board to help all schools in the country achieve a measure of excellence in comparison to international best practices.