The Legal Education Board invites all law school deans, law students, and interested participants to the Virtual Public Consultation on the Magna Carta of Law Students and Student Welfare and Development on January 28 and 29, 2021 via Zoom. The morning session will be for law students and interested participants may join the consultation in the afternoon sessions.

January 28 (Student Welfare and Developement):

  • Meeting ID: 481 314 5081
  • Passcode: SolidNCR

January 29 (Magna Carta for Law Students):

  • Meeting ID: 481 314 5081
  • Passcode: TWGleb

You may access the proposed LEB Memorandum Orders on the links below:

Magna Carta of Law Students:…/1FoMSEuZ9cpmMISVvEcJ…/view…

Students Welfare and Development:…/1FqGXLHyJkeGJFGVUXrc…/view…

See you there!