Dear Deans and other legal education stakeholder,

With nothing but gratitude in my heart, I step down as Chairman of the Legal Education Board (LEB) on account of my recent appointment to the Philippine Competition Commission.

As i depart the LEB, rest assured that i will continue my affinity for legal education. I am truly grateful for your support, and appreciate the wealth of ideas and opinions you have shared with me in the four (4) years of my stewardship in LEB. The friendships that you have extended me despite the difficult and challenging issues that we confronted are treasures that i will forever cherish.

The Work of advancing legal education is unceasing. All i ask is that you continue the journey side by side with the LEB unburdened by the baggage of the past, and looking only forward to the bright lights that serve as a beacons to an advanced, world-class, and cutting edge legal education system that we all aspire for our country.

My best wishes to all of you!