LEBMO No. 20, Series of 2019 Discretionary Admission in the AY 2019-2020 of Examinees Whor Rated Below the Cut-off/Passing Score but Not Less Than 45% in the Philippine Law Schoo; Admission Test administered on April 7, 2019
LEBMO No.19, Series of 2018 Migration of the Basic Law Course to Juris Doctor
LEBMO No.18, Series of 2018 Guidelines on Cancellation or Suspension of Classes in All Law Schools
LEBMO No.17, Series of 2018 Supplemental Regulations on the Minimum Academic Requirement of Master of Laws Degree for Deans and Law Professors/Lecturers/Instructors in Law Schools
LEBMO No.16, Series of 2018 Policies, Standards and Guidelines for the Academic Law Libraries of Law Schools
LEBMO No.15, Series of 2018 Validation of the Licenses of, and the Law Curriculum/Curricula for the Basic Law Courses in use by, Law Schools and Graduate Schools of Law
LEBMO No.14, Series of 2018 Policy and Regulation in Offering Elective Subjects
LEBMO No.13, Series of 2018 Guidelines in the Conduct of Summer
LEBMO No.12, Series of 2018 LEB Service/Transaction Fees
LEBMO No.11, Series of 2017 Additional Transistion Provision to LEB Memorandum Order No. 7, Series of 2016, on PHILSAT
LEBMO No.10, Series of 2017 Guideline on the Adoption of Academic/ School Calendar
LEBMO NO.9, Series of 2017 Policies and Guidelines on the Conferment of Honorary Doctor of Law Degrees
LEBMO No.8, Series of 2016 Policies, Guidelines and Procedures Governing Increases in Tuition and Other Schools Fees, and Introduction of New Fees. by Higher Education Institutions for the Law Program
LEBMO No.7, Series of 2016 Policies and Regulations for the Administration of a Nationwide Uniform Law School Admission Test for Applicants to the Basic Law Courses in All Law Schools in the Country
LEBMO No.6, Series of 2016 Reportorial Requirements for Law Schools
LEBMO No. 5, Series of 2016 Guidelines for the Pre-Requisite Subjects in the Basic Law Courses
LEBMO No.4, Series of 2016 Supplemental to LEBMO NO.3 Series of 2016
LEBMO No.3, Series of 2016 Policies, Standard and Guidelines for the Accreditation of Law Schools to Offer and Operate Refresher Course.
LEBMO No.2, Series of 2013 Additional Rules in the Operation of the Law Program
LEBMO No.1, Series of 2011 Policies and Standards of Legal Education and Manual of Regulations for Law Schools