The Legal Education Board (LEB) warmly congratulates Supreme Court Associate Justice Alexander Gahon Gesmundo on his well-deserved appointment as the 27th Chief Magistrate of the Philippines.

Chief Justice Gesmundo’s appointment as chief steward of the highest court of the land could not have come to our nation at a more opportune time as now, with the onslaught of challenges and changes, domestic as well as international, brought about by a health crisis of global proportions. He brings into the office his stabilizing leadership shaped by his long years of dedicated public service, his unimpeachable personal and professional integrity and the deep respect he has earned as a law practitioner, a professor of law, and a member of the judiciary. Most assuredly, his intellectual acuity and his passion for truth and justice will see our country through these difficult times.

Worthwhile mentioning is that in the field of legal education, as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court and Chair of the Technical Working Group on the revision of the Law Student Practice Rule and as a principal mover of the Clinical Legal Education Program, his efforts have resulted in one of the most fundamental innovations in the country’s legal education system in decades.

The LEB looks forward to working with Chief Justice Gesmundo in the best interest of legal education, all in the service of the Filipino nation.